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About Richelle Oerelmanns-Pierce

Back in 2019, after taking an 8-week pottery course at Medalta, with a friend, I was hooked! I joined the Medicine Hat Potters Association right away and have been making pots ever since.

When thinking of pottery, most people imagine someone sitting at the potter's wheel, throwing a vase like Demi Moore ad Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost. Actually, though, there are a lot of hand building techniques to make pottery without using a wheel.

I am a hand builder and I use flat slabs of clay to build my pieces. This technique allows me to use stamps, rolling pins and found objects to add lots of texture to my work. Once the piece takes shape, I love to incorporate colourful glazes to complement my design.

My goal is to bring joy to those who appreciate one-of-a-kind, functional pieces of art.


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