We know every penny counts!
If you are a Non-Profit, Community
Initiative or Charity ... we want to help.

At Save Locale, our mission is to help our communities stay strong,
so we want to make it easier for your organization to get your message out.


At Save Locale, we care about our community and we’d like to give back to thosewho help keep our communities strong.Save Locale exclusively promotes local businesses, helping consumers direct their funds toward local companies.Each business in Save Locale is featured in our customized printed booklet whichis distributed around your community. Your organization will also be featured onour website and social media feeds for accessibility and convenience.
Our vision and mission is to provide each consumer with local businesses thatwe know, respect and trust.

We are offering one spot in each booklet (at a minimal cost) to one dedicated non-profit, community initiative or charity.You will be given a two-sided printed “offer” in the booklet where you have the opportunity to promote your initiative and create a buzz around any fundraising event.Let people know who you are and what you stand for.Just tell us about your organization and what types of campaigns and/or events you host. And let’s see how we can help.


After all, we are Save Locale. Support Locale & Be Locale.