We all know how hard it is when you’re new in town. We’ve all been there!

If you are a locally owned and operated business that’s only been intown for a few years, we’d like to make it a little easier for you.


At Save Locale, we care about local businesses because when you shop local, yousupport local families and that helps keep our community strong. Save Locale exclusively promotes local businesses helping consumers direct their funds towards local companies. Each business in Save Locale is featured in our customized printed booklet which is distributed around your community, as well as featured on our website and social media feeds for accessibility and convenience.
Our vision and mission is to provide each consumer with local businesses that we know, respect and trust.

We are offering one spot in each booklet (at a reduced rate) to a business that has been in the community for three years or less. You will be given a two-sided “offer” in the book where you can announce your arrival to the neighbourhood, tell people what you are about or make your customers aware of the specials you are offering that month. Just answer a few questions and we’ll let you know if you qualify. Tell us about your business. Why you’re applying for the program. And let us know how you contribute to your community.


After all, we are Save Locale. Support Locale & Be Locale.